Leaving, Baby

by Erika Ryann

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released December 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Erika Ryann Larkspur, Colorado

Erika Ryann pulls her sound from dark honky tonks, small western towns, and years lived in the tangled woods of southern Colorado. She writes music to ease what consumes her. From a wild hunger for outlandish, country-freedom to flitting moments and heart-wrenching memories, her music is her way of working through and coming to some understanding with the human condition. ... more

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Track Name: Always Late... Leavin' Baby
My granddaddy died at the age of forty seven
I hear about him all the time and I just wish I could have met him
My grandmother, grand aunts and uncles cry
Every time his name is mentioned
They say he was larger than life even when life
Came to get him

My great grandmother, Blackburn, died when I was
... Six or seven
That old cancer took her life and they told me
"nah... She's just in heaven"
But no, I still feel her around me sometimes
When I've lost my muse and my will
... for livin'
Lord I feel older, and drier than I ought to
... at my age, I reckon

I miss my home in the country more with each passing day
My mortal salvation is the only thing that feels farther away
And I drink in the foul air this night
... Wishing it would just rain
For what is filthier?
My history,
My heart,
Or this city a'piss stained

And what a long, twisted time we spent
At each others' throats
Like wolves,
Like dogs,
Or Less -
- Like the sneering seed of Jesus in the heart of the Americans

And if I were to wander...
What do you reckon I would find?
Another bastard, son of a bitch who'd just leave me...
... Much farther...


Oh, my parents, my brother's will just say they're not surprised...

It's something everybody but me could sense
for two years
of my life

And you know that I'm old fashioned
yet you ask, "why"

Do I linger?

Well the year is two thousand and thirteen and I do not belong to a man
who speaks of Marriage...
But cannot save more than twenty five cents...
to put a Ring... on my finger.

And I'm not saying he ever treated me wrong...

But lord how I have felt...
...Strung along.

And you asked if one of my songs
Was about leavin' ...Baby

Well this is that song.